Chemistry Cosmetics

Recently I discovered a beauty product haven named Chemistry Cosmetics located in the beautiful Vintage Park shopping center in Houston, TX. Hundreds of prestigious brands from all around the world can be purchased here - I was in heaven! Their staff is friendly, helpful and very knowledgable about their products that they carry.

A pleasant surprise was their intimate spa room in which they offer a variety of services including facials and waxing. A routine I like to follow is having a medical grade facial once a month and a relaxing/soothing facial once a month. I try to spread them about two weeks apart. I feel like my skin is at it’s healthiest when I stick to this routine! At Chemistry Cosmetics I was thrilled to learn about all of the different relaxing facials that they offer! After discussing my areas of concern, I was treated to their customized "Carita Lagoon" facial.

The whole experience was very relaxing. First my makeup was removed, then a cleanser, toner and refreshing mist followed. Next step was a deep cleanse! And here is where my favorite part came…a gommage exfoliant. This product was new to me and I loved how it made my skin feel afterwards. It is a paste that is applied in a thin layer, left to dry, then massaged and rolled off. This removes the dead skin cells! By the end of the hour facial my skin was soft, smooth and glowing!

I always like to ask for a list of products used during the facial and I thought I would share with you below! Be sure to check out shop owner Amanda’s blog site where she discusses Life+Beauty and features her favorite products from Chemistry.

Professional Products:

  • Bi-Phase Makeup Remover
  • Lagoon Gelee (Cleanser)
  • Lagoon Water (Toner)
  • Lagoon Mist (Professional Refreshing Mist)
  • Dilutant + Renovateur (Deep Cleanse and Gommage)
  • Fluide de Massage 14 (Carita Body Oil for Massage)
  • Customized Professional Masks - Bain Des Lagons Hydrating for Cheeks and Masque Poudree Purifying for T-Zone

Finishing Products:

  • Serum Purete Purifying Powder Serum
  • Creme Des Lagons Hydrating Lagoon Cream
  • Carita Progressif Anti-Age Global Perfect Cream for Eyes and Lips Application + take home deluxe sample

Chemistry Cosmetics is also offering a Fashion Rowe special! Be sure to visit and let me know what you think!


2 for 1 Facials

$125 for (2) one hour La Doux Touché facials


$145 for (2) 80min signature facials



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