How to Get Bold...Red Lips

I love a red lip! I like to pair it when I have a neutral color outfit on such as black, white, grey or nude.  I’m usually very minimal with my eye makeup, it has taken me years to overcome the fear of a dark lip and then nail the application technique.  It can be tedious in the application process, but it works…PROMISE!  

Here's the secret to the Get Bold with Red Lips!

1. Lip Scrub - this creates a smooth palette on your lips by scrubbing away dead skin (I used The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ)
2. Lip balm - I let this soak into my lips while I do the rest of my makeup (I usually just grab what I have on hand, but here's a good one!)
3. Nude lip liner - I use this to keep the red within the lines.  I’m too afraid to use red lip liner.
4. I like to apply the Gucci lip gloss first to give a good red based stain.  When the lipstick begins to fade, no one will notice!
5. Blot with a tissue, then dust lightly with powder.  This really sets the color.  
6. Next I apply the Nars lipstick on top of the gloss.  (Rita Audacious is the one I'm using here)
7. The red lip is done!  If I want to have a glossy red look, I reapply the Gucci lip gloss to finish.  To keep it more matte, I leave the Nars lipstick on top. 

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