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I am primarily an online shopper because of the convenience, however sometimes I do love a good shopping outing!  Let’s be honest, the scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling on a website does not give the same excitement as when you get to see the clothes in person and touch the fabrics.  Department stores are a big convenience when you are crunched for time and looking for a “one stop shop”.  From underwear, to shoes, clothes, makeup and accessories.  Not to mention handy when needing to shop for other family members.  So when you are ready to tackle the department store here are a few quick tips!

Shopping at private sale at Nordstrom The Woodlands

Shopping at private sale at Nordstrom The Woodlands


1.  Search online the night before and see which stores are offering coupons and sales.  A great app is “Shopular” which alerts you when your favorite stores are having deals.
2.  I try to plan my shopping early morning on weekdays.  Less crowds, easier to find a parking spot.
3.  When I am looking for specific items, I ask a salesperson to locate them and place in fitting room while I browse.  This saves so much time!
4.  When a huge sale is going on, I do not shy away from browsing the sizes larger than me.  If it is a bargain price steal and I absolutely have to have it, I will purchase it and take to the tailor for alterations.  
5.  Ask a salesperson for advice!  They can be very helpful when you are deciding between outfits or pairing pieces.
6.  Beauty departments are overwhelming.  Most department stores have a “beauty advisor” or beauty department manager who does not work for a specific brand, and can help you find what you are needing and suggest different options at all counters.  I like to ask him or her what the most popular products are at the moment.  I always find a gem!  
7.  When shopping for a foundation, and after being matched with a shade, I always ask for a sample to take home before I buy.  I want to be sure the color is seamless on my face when outdoors and the foundation has lasted all day.  Although tempting to buy it and forget it, it is worth the trial period.  You do not want that dreaded foundation line from your face to your neck!  And you want it to be the right formula and wear for your skin.  I’ve taken the salesperson’s name and called her to have it shipped to my home if I am happy with the product.  
8.  Comfortable shoes!!!
9.  Crossbody bag.  Having both hands free when searching through racks makes shopping so much easier.
10.  When you have found a helpful salesperson that you love - get the contact #!  You can text when you are looking for something specific and have the item on hold, he or she can text you when sales are going on. If not available at the store they can save you the time and effort by ordering it from another store or online. 

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