Street Style: The Embroidered Bomber

This is will be one of my favorite fall outfits! Three of my most-loved trends are being worn:  thigh-high boots, leggings and bomber jackets.

These Stuart Weitzman Highland black boots are turning into an investment piece and thank goodness because I love them! Probably safe to say one of the first designers to start the boot in a block heel last year, and celebrities and fashion gurus were spotted wearing this boot everywhere. I was so happy to get my first pair last winter and am so excited to be pulling them off my closet shelf for another run! This boot comes in seven different colors and different variations of heel heights. I’m not sure which color is next on my wish list because I want them all!! You will find your next thigh-high boot perfectly paired with skirts, dresses, over jeans and as I have done here with leggings.

Rockin' the block....heels!

Rockin' the block....heels!

Leggings are the next fall trend I need to share with you. We all are familiar with the workout legging, but leggings are becoming part of the everyday fashion street scene. Worn with peep toe booties, heels or casual flats it works all ways. You will find them in different fabrics, prints and some are connected with the stirrup. Yup. The stirrup pant/legging is being reborn. I’ve got to be honest I’m not there yet, but…I’m working on it. Until then I am sticking with the footless, stirrup-“less" legging. My favorite legging? Spanx! (You may remember all three of my friends got a pair on our little Nordstrom adventure last month.) High waisted to keep everything in and the rest of me smoothed out. Here I am wearing the plain black, but I have also purchased the faux leather. The most comfortable legging you will own. Promise. Topped with a sweatshirt, long blouse or sweater this look is effortless and cozy. For this shoot I wore a silk bomber jacket.

Let’s talk bomber jacket! With the cooler temperatures coming, it is nice to be able to throw something on that adds a bit of athleticism to an outfit. The latest craze is the embroidered bomber. Sporty and ornate - who would’ve guessed? You can find a bomber in so many different fabrics such as silk, leather and velvet.  It is sold in different warmths. Here I have it is a thin silk, but I also have one a bit warmer that you may have seen on my instagram page.

So many fun ways to mix and match each of these pieces -have fun with it!  If you do decide to purchase any of the looks below send me a pic!

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