Great Skin with Dr. Gill

I love having a dermatologist as my skin care product consultant! All of my concerns are addressed from the medical side and I know the products recommended are safe and effective. You may have read my last blog post, “Hydrofacial and Dr. Gill” (and if you have not - read it! Just kidding…kinda), it was at this visit Dr. Gill recommended 5 SkinMedica products. I’ve been using them for over a month now and I am so excited to share with you my results and how pleased I am with her recommendations.


My main concerns? Fine lines, skin texture and uneven skin tone. Dr. Gill’s recommendations were Skin Medica’s Retinol Complex .25 (age defense), TNX Ceramide Treatment Cream (moisturize) and HA-5 (rejuvenating hydrator). To accompany these she suggested the Sensitive Skin Cleanser and Total + Defense tinted sunscreen.

The Retinol Complex has been wonderful in combatting my fine lines, evening my skin tone and and enhancing a smoother skin tone. I highly recommend starting out using this cream once a week for a couple of weeks, then twice a week for 3-4 weeks and finally gradually building up to every other day (which is where I am now). Jumping right into a retinol on a daily basis will cause redness and lots of peeling which isn’t fun. But if you slowly increase the frequency, your skin will not react badly. Yes, I do have occasional peeling now and then but a gentle exfoliation scrub does the trick of removing the flaky skin and then you have a perfectly smooth skin for makeup application!


Next is the Ceramide Treatment Cream which is a great hydrator while also combatting the signs of aging. I apply this in the evening and have been pleased waking up in the morning to moisturized, firm skin!


HA-5 is something you must try! It is an oil free and fragrance free hydrator that actually increases your skins ability to replenish it’s own hyaluronic acid. What exactly is hyaluronic acid? Basically it is naturally found in between your skin cells which gives your skin the plumpness, firmness and moisture it needs. Babies are born with high levels of hyaluronic acid and when you get to my age (40) well, there is a significant drop. So thanks to products like HA-5 we have help in increasing our own HA for a smoother, more hydrated look to our skin.


A good cleanser to have is one that removes dirt, oil, and makeup. SkinMedica’s creamy and fragrance free Sensitive Skin Cleanser does this without drying your skin. I do not personally have sensitive skin but I like that it contains botanical extracts that soothe and moisturize!


Another oil and fragrance free product that I am in love with is their Total Defense + Repair tinted SPF 34 Sunscreen. No white thick residue or greasiness! It absorbs quickly and gives a hint of color. Three important factors are covered with this sunscreen: Protection from the sun, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and repair damaged skin. Check, check and check!

I am loving my new skin and my SkinMedica products! Now here is the best part!! Dr. Gill is going to give 10% off SkinMedica products now through December 19th. All you have to do is mention “Fashion Rowe”. Woohoo! Merry Christmas. :)


Gill Dermatology is located in The Woodlands, TX. 9200 Pinecroft Dr., Suite 465. Call the office at 936-760-3373 or 832-791-5879 to make an appointment! And be sure to check out her website at

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