The Travel Five: Deer Valley



As the seasons change we must change up our beauty routines a bit as our skin adjusts to the different climate.  We already know SPF is required year round and the snow reflects those UV rays which can cause those painful sunburns! And the cold air sucks the moisture right out of our skin.  Using the right products for the frigid temperatures ensure our skin and hair are in the best shape!   

Before I leave for Deer Valley I will use the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream the night before to really moisturize my skin and prepare for the cold weather.  This cream is THICK and does not immediately soak into your skin.  It will overnight.  I have to pull my hair back in a ponytail when I go to bed to keep my hair from sticking to my face.  This may be bothersome to some, but the results are worth it!

I love Kate Somerville’s Line Release Under Eye Repair Cream.  Actually recommended to me by my Anastasia brow lady when she noticed how dry my eye area was!  It moisturizes and fights the signs of aging at the same time.

Before I head out the door I like to use Neutrogena’s newest product:  Hydro Boost SPF gel cream.  This product is lightweight, hydrating and protects your face from the damaging UV rays.  

I have been a huge fan of Oribe’s hair product lines for years.  The smell is heavenly and each product line delivers.  Because I use heat on a daily basis and color process my hair, my hair can easily be dry.  But the Signature Moisture Masque, helps keep my locks moisturized and feeling healthy.

Sun Bum SPF 30 lip balm has never failed me or my kids on our sunny or snowy vacations.  Keeps our lips protected and moisturized!

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